Guitar News

Leong Yee Hoo from Malaysia

December 2008 - Leong Yee Hoo is the first guitarist in Malaysia who owns a Bert Kwakkel Concert Giutar (type Merula). He came to the Netherlands to collect his instrument.

Dreams, rest and motion

November 2008 - The Dutch Guitar Duo Duolisme launched their new album 'Dreams, rest and motion'. The recording contains a collection of Latin-American music written for guitar duo and brings together some of the most beautiful pieces from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Frank Lamm and Peter Thissen play a Merula with spruce top (2006).


January 2013 - Bert Kwakkel went to Hamburg to collect wonderful African Blackwood (Grenadille). Since 2006 he makes a lot of guitars with neck and finger board out of one piece of this wood.

bovenbladen kopen in Oostenrijk

May 2008 - The first week of May Bert Kwakkel stayed for a few days in Austria to collect the most wonderful spruce tops for his guitars. Extremely precise selection work was preceded.

volunteer for little owls

May 2007 - Bert Kwakkel gives his guitars bird-names because of the great interest he takes in birds. An exciting lecture on little owls resulted in his taking part as a volunteer to help stablilise the little owl population. Almost every day, from his workshop, he can see a little owl in his garden.

West Dean Guitar Festival

August 2006 - Bert Kwakkel joined the Open Day at the well known West Dean Guitar Festival. A lot of classical guitarists came to West Dean to hear and get master classes from famous guitarists. 

Dutch Guitar Duo Duolisme

February 2006 - The Dutch Guitar Duo Duolisme play their brand new Bert Kwakkel concert guitars type Merula.

First Merula Special

October 2005 - The idea for the Merula Special, a classical guitar with neck, fingerboard and head made of one piece of Brazilian rosewood, was in Bert's mind for a long time. In October 2005 the first Merula Special was completed. Many others followed...

Jubilee Concert