Erik Visser

Erik Visser (Flairck)

Erik Visser started guitar lessons with Benny Ludemann at the age of ten. Later on he studied musical theory and composition at the Conservatory of Utrecht. In 1978 he established the group Flairck which became quickly successful. Over the last 25 years Flairck has played nearly 2000 concerts and released 20 albums.

Erik Visser has composed songs and music for a number of artists including George Moustaki, Maggy Reilly, Mary Coughlan, Herman van Veen, Ramses Shaffy and Alexandra van Marken. He has also composed numerous solo guitar pieces. In 2003 he recorded his first solo album: "One Man Parade".

Erik Visser plays a steel string guitar built in 1983 and a 12-string resonance guitar  made in 1984 by Bert Kwakkel.

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