Rosalind Beall

Rosalind Beall

Rosalind Beall (1985) was born in Kansas City, USA. She started playing the guitar when she was fourteen.

She received her first guitar lessons from Cythia Egger. She then studied guitar at Washington University in St. Louis with Alan Rosenkoetter and William Lenihan, and composition with Roland Jordan and Martin Kennedy. In 2007 she graduated cum laude in guitar and mathematics. That same year she was awarded a Fulbright and BAEF scholarship to study with Antigoni Goni in Brussels. In June 2010, Rosalind Beall graduated cum laude from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

In 2016, together with her husband Jisse Vink, she wrote her first album "Delta", inspired by blues and folk music.

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Rosalind Beall plays a classical concert guitar type Merula Special with a spruce top built by Bert Kwakkel in 2011.

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